How to clean out your water barrels
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Thread: How to clean out your water barrels

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    Default How to clean out your water barrels

    I recently picked up a few 50 gallon blue water barrels that were used to ship balsamic vinegar. They have been outside for months and the balsamic is dry inside. What is the best way to clean these out in order to store potable water.

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    Fill with water to rehydrate the residue, add baking soda to neutralize the acid and smell? I would let it sit for a while. Then dump and plain old water and dish soap to clean it out completely. Good rinse.

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    I think the Kernel is on the right track. If you have any homebrew shops in the area maybe see if you can get a bit of 5 Star PBW (powdered brew wash) and let some of that sit in the tank for a day or two as well.

    Barring that you can use some regular "oxy" cleaners (no scents or added bleach non-sense, percabonate only) and let that sit for a day or two. Be careful with the oxy clean though, using an excessive amount can lead to a scale like buildup on the inside of your container, but you have to really go overboard to cause that. Just use the recommended amount or a little more and you should be good.

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    What the Kernel said is good. I worked at the Queen City Barrel Co for twenty years. They used soap and pressure washers on the tight head plastic drums. What you have.
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