Phillippines and survival lessons.
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Thread: Phillippines and survival lessons.

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    Default Phillippines and survival lessons.

    TACLOBAN, Philippines (AP) — Relief operations in this typhoon-devastated region of the Philippines picked up pace Wednesday, but the minimal amounts of water, food and medical supplies reaching the hardest-hit areas were causing increasingly desperate survivors to take matters into their own hands

    In the first reported deaths as a result of looting, eight people were crushed to death when a wall collapsed as they and thousands of others stormed a rice warehouse on Leyte Island, the worst-hit region by Friday's storm, said National Food Authority spokesman Rex Estoperez.

    Since the storm, people have broken into homes, malls and garages, where they have stripped the shelves of food, water and other goods. Authorities have struggled to stop the looting. There have been unconfirmed reports of armed gangs involved in some instances

    People desperate for food and water are turning into raging looters.. This was one of the strongest storms in recorded history. Even if they had prepped, homes close to the ocean were literally gone.
    Other stories on the disaster tell of the importance of caching necessary items in different locations..
    Not sure if they are allowed to own weapons there? So gangs are running free to plunder what they can grab.
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    A lot of gunowners there but periodically the government restricts carrying during elections. Probably are helpless to stop any criminal activity now as the videos and stories I read show the police and military are overwhelmed by the situation. People are even storming the airstrips when relief planes come in to land. They need a full scale "Berlin Airlift" type operation and not some piece meal relief efforts. Not much I can do but I did donate a few bucks to the Starvation Army for the PI efforts.

    Salvation Army Text - 80888
    Red Cross - Text 90999

    Or go online to the respective sites. I choose the SA because over 95% goes to relief rather than the RC where the administrators have their hands in the cookie jar so to speak.

    Still no word on Hotbarrel or my friend in Cebu, but comms infrastructure are a real mess right now.

    - Black Blade
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    At least those folks are doing it because they need food & water. The morning after hurricane charley, the old folks in our sub were up at the leveled corner store on their golf carts cleaning it out.
    Not for food & water.
    Beer & cigs! & whooping it up like they hit the jackpot.
    The owner took care of our neighborhood for many years & that's how they paid him back.
    They were not happy when I started taking pictures. Americans turn into animals even before the hunger sets in.
    AND when help arrives..............They complain about the quality of the FREE food! Or how fast the Nat Guard folks are passing out the FREE water!
    " Save a tree...........Eat A Beaver!"

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    yea it is a bad one--one of the worst.

    i know some folks in the PIs --so far i haven't heard anything. hopefully their on another island in the PI chain--

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    still alive, In new york at this moment
    I am off the page for extended times due to job requirements, not gone forever

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    Replied to you in the thread in the General Discussion area
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