Keep Your Emergency Stockpiles In Multiple Locations
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Thread: Keep Your Emergency Stockpiles In Multiple Locations

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    Default Keep Your Emergency Stockpiles In Multiple Locations

    Keep Your Emergency Stockpiles In Multiple Locations


    At this point, everybody knows how important it is to stockpile food, water and other necessities for an emergency. I canít imagine anyone saying, following a disaster, ďIf only someone had told me that I should prepare for something like this.Ē A few people are well-prepared, many people are somewhat prepared and most people arenít prepared at all; but nobody can say they werenít warned that they could be without these crucial items should a crisis occur.

    On the other hand, there seems to be much less awareness of the need to have stockpiles of food, water and other items in at least two different places, preferably three. Even many preppers who have amassed serious amounts of bottled water, canned food, toiletries and a host of can openers, flashlights, batteries, radios, blankets, clothing, first-aid kits and weapons are putting all of their eggs in one basket if they keep everything at the same location.

    My home is not only where I keep the majority of my emergency supplies, itís also the place that Iíve spent time and money to secure. If a breakdown in society occurs following a disaster, I want to be as prepared as possible to protect my family and belongings.

    But what if my home is destroyed or severely damaged by whatever crisis occurs? If thatís the only place where I have my emergency goods stockpiled (and either I canít get to them or theyíve been destroyed by the disaster), I will have wasted a huge amount of time and money preparing for the exact scenario in which I find myself.


    Black Blade: The author makes some good points and this is why I also advocate multiple caches and stashes in several locations. I have a few bug out locations across the western US but also several caches buried in between along these corridors of travel. Nothing in life is certain so we do what we must.
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    The money the Fed used to buy those supplies came from me, involuntarily, stolen right out of every paycheck I ever got before I even got a chance to fondle it.
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