The NatGeo "Doomsday Preppers" show is entirely staged to attract viewers. One of the first NatGeo "preppers" named "Survival Mom" has her own site. She was asked about the "drama" and "one scenario" etc. and she said it was the producers wanted everyone to have a single scenario to focus on. They also arrainged for the semi-trailer full of food items to be delivered late at night to her home in a subdivision for the series. Another "prepper" (the young girl in Houston) confirmed this (her boyfriend also a "prepper", refused to participate. The "Doomsday Prepper" show is designed to portray "preppers" and "survivalists" as kooks. Of course I doubt any serious prepper folk would agree to participate in this show but then most of these people who are featured seem to have alternate agendas such as those selling a product (the guy in Phoenix selling survival and prepping supplies online - the guy selling his shovel/ax/crowbar combo "Croval Shovel" tool - Survival Mom selling her books, etc.) I know people in Northern Idaho, Utah, Texas, Nevada and Wyoming who would never agree to be on these television programs. For them the ultimate goal is just independence and self-sufficiency or living off-grid. There are many possible situations that may occur like financial collapse (i.e. Great Depression part II), pandemic (Black Plague, Bubonic Plague, Swine Flu, etc.), EMP (i.e. Solar Flare), etc. The media tends to look for the more bizarre folk to showcase and make fun of. They won't feature the serious folk (even if any did agree to go public) - those folk are really just quite boring everyday next-door-neighbor types.