That is one of the more beautiful parts of our country.. Now if "Preppers" do decide to settle there, they would not be the first mass migration in our countries history to do so..
From Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, our early adventures. Early Americans headed there to escape the growing cities and its burdens and problems.. Seems history is repeating itself.. Smart people are heading for the hills..
Only downside I see is the cold weather.. It gets cold up that way.. Having lived in Vermont, one would not believe how many people can not even start a fire.. Ask twa.. Damn Flatlanders..
For you youngguns or outdoor type folks here who know your way around.. Traps, fire starting, purifying water, shooting instructors, basic field medical, etc.. Their is a booming industry, with people wanting to take courses in such things..
The market $$$$ is their, if you build it they will come.. Experienced Men like Black Blade could get a school going on survival. Hell even Wally World is jumping on the band wagon..
I am not joking. Their are people out their who can not start a fire with matches and gasoline. Hell I am old or I would start a business.