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Thread: Police Find Hidden Compartment in Man’s Car – So Why Was he Arrested???

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    Yea Krink, they're special. Back in the day I had a '67 Impala SS 396 that was gutted, had a 5-point roll bar and 4-point restraints with chest release. I was a car that had been used for running white whiskey and the local cops thought it was the tits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kernelkrink View Post
    "G) This section does not apply to any law enforcement officer acting in the performance of the law enforcement officer's duties."

    So hidden drug smuggling compartments are specifically allowed in Cop Cars???????

    Maybe undercover cop cars, for those cops working to bust drug dealers???
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    So with all being said, if I should go to Ohio hunting and have my prescriptions with me, 2 of which are controlled substances,,,

    I'm a felon,,period,,,, by the way the law is written, no matter what the circumstances. At least by the sounds, it can be interpreted that way anyhow.

    Way to much room for abuse by some rouge looking to fuck with someone they just don't like,,,,,IMO. And YES there out there,,I've worked with some like that,,and they were bigger crooks than the ones we were trying to protect the public from in many cases.

    One main reason I may not have been hired as a full timer by the Forest Service,, I reported 2 such incidents and soon I seemed to be on a black list for hiring,,but how do ya prove it?

    But after 12 years of exemplary service with many kudo's from all my supervisors, Governors awards for single handed rescues, and 6 years of volunteer work previously with no negative reviews at all, and quite to the opposite,,I was passed over for hiring after this happened,,

    strange indeed

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    What about vehicles that come from the factories with "hidden" compartments?
    I'd rather be a "has been" than a wannabe!

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