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One fine day, the need for all we have done will eventually come to pass. It is then what you may have to to really do won't be so easy for you to swallow?

However, hiding in a secret room won't be a good solution if a hoard of dedicated raiders is digging through everything they can in a panic. It will be this time that you will have to deal with these gangs or raiders forcefully.

Just hiding in a so called safe room will be pointless.
To me the idea of a safe room is not for a long term thing. It is for a circumstance where maybe your family is at home and trouble strikes. Someone breaks in, bad storms, etc., occurs and a short term safe place is needed. The idea of long term hiding out in a safe room, which is not a bunker, is simply not a good plan.

Sometimes a tactical retreat to a safe place is a better move than standing and fighting.