New Bird Flu Strain Detected in China
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Thread: New Bird Flu Strain Detected in China

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    Default New Bird Flu Strain Detected in China

    New Bird Flu Strain Detected in China

    The strain of the virus, H10N8, was not previously known to infect humans


    A woman in eastern China was confirmed to have been carrying a new strain of the bird flu, after she died of respiratory failure earlier this month, Chinese health officials announced Wednesday.

    The 73-year-old woman, who was living in the Jiangxi Province and died on Dec. 6, was confirmed to have been carrying the H10N8 strain of the bird flu, which had previously not been known to infect humans.

    Although Chinese government officials have not confirmed that the death was connected to the virus, the World Health Organization told Reuters that was the case. According to a government statement, the woman was diagnosed with severe pneumonia, high blood pressure, a neuromuscular disorder, and had suffered a heart attack.

    Although family members who had been in contact with her have not yet shown symptoms, the woman had visited a live bird market four days before becoming ill. China has had a history of dealing with strains of the bird flu. Another strain of the virus, H7N9, was first reported in China in March 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    By the end of October, WHO reported there had been 137 laboratory-confirmed human cases of H7N9 in China, including 45 deaths, but that there had been no sustainable evidence of transmission between humans.


    Black Blade: Only a matter of time before a mutated strain of flu ("Captain Trips"?) rages around the planet like the 1918 Swine Flu.
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    Post Back door Chinese chickens.. Or how to import without scaring the sheep..

    Bill Tomson and Tarini Parti at Politico reported last week that such a consumer option may be a possibility quite soon. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is sending two top officials to China this week to discuss making Chinese chicken in the United States a reality…despite ongoing concerns over bird flu outbreaks and food safety issues in China. - See more at:

    And if that goes well, then we could skip the first part and allow Chinese farmers to raise and process their own chickens and ship them to the U.S. – effectively cutting out the role of the American farmer. - See more at:

    Most all these chicken human killing viruses begin in the Orient. Hmmm, lets see, how can we import cheap Chinese chicken products without putting fear in the American market?
    Idea. We will tell the suckers they are born in the U.S.A., shipped too China, raised, processed and shipped back for sale in the U.S... Now believe that? I have the winning lottery numbers if you P.M. me.
    Ship the Chiclets too China, raise, process and back? Haaaa wahhhhaaa, their kidding. So now were not only going to be eating sewer raised shrimp, talapia and God knows what from China.. Get ready for the bird flu..
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    Shhhh it's a secret
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