Disaster Preparedness For the Rest Of Us: You’ve got to get a ‘go bag’
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Thread: Disaster Preparedness For the Rest Of Us: You’ve got to get a ‘go bag’

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    Default Disaster Preparedness For the Rest Of Us: You’ve got to get a ‘go bag’

    Disaster Preparedness For the Rest Of Us: You’ve got to get a ‘go bag’


    Most preppers have a “go bag,” or a “ready bag” or some refer to it as a “bug-out bag.” Those folks have a belief they may need to evacuate their home on short notice and the supplies in their “bag” will be needed for survival. It is my position for those of us living in Southwestern Oregon, our need to evacuate is minimal. My bag goes with me everywhere and I would rely on its contents for survival if the need arose.

    Get a bag! I use a backpack I ordered online for $28. My list is going to be different from yours, but just imagine being stranded somewhere other than your warm, comfy home, and consider what you might need to have with you. My bag includes some food, some extra blood pressure bills, a Sterno stove (and fuel), some matches and a disposable lighter, a flashlight, a multi-tool, some extra socks and pair of underwear. (I know you wanted to know that!) I also have a screwdriver (the kind with interchangeable bits) a small adjustable wrench and a folding saw. I found an old military mess kit and a pot that contains two drinking cups. I carry my SteriPEN for water purification, some warmer clothes, a First Aid Kit and a couple of good knives round out the basics. I suppose there are a few other odds and ends, but you get the idea. There are a couple of cans of Spam in there and I discovered recently the lip on the can makes an acceptable ice scraper for your windshield if you have need for one. Note of caution here: The metal will mar your windshield and you’ll have to deal with that later, but it does remove frost!

    I shared with someone recently that I take my bag with me everywhere. If I have to leave it behind for some reason, I have the same uneasy feeling as when I forget to buckle my seat belt. So “Bag-Up!” Now’s the best time, before you get stranded somewhere.

    Continued: http://theworldlink.com/bandon/opini...9bb2963f4.html

    Black Blade: I have EDC - Every Day Carry, GHB - Get Home Bag and BOB - Bug Out Bag. I keep the EDC on my person and the GHB in my vehicle and the BOG at home "just in case" I need to grab and go somewhere quick. I have been standed myself a "few" times. Given the nature of my work that isn't surprising so it is second nature to be prepped in case I can't get home or somewhere "safe" or near any "cached" supplies. Just never know when having a EDC, GHB and BOB will come in handy.

    My EDC (actually is more updated since this photo), GHB and BOB: http://peakoilpetroleumandpreciousme...DC-GHB-and-BOB
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    Good stuff BB, thanks for posting your personal setups.
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