Sriracha Shortage - Not with a bang but with a shipping delay
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Thread: Sriracha Shortage - Not with a bang but with a shipping delay

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    Default Sriracha Shortage - Not with a bang but with a shipping delay

    Not with a bang but with a shipping delay


    It’s the sort of story the Internet lives for: In October, Huy Fong Foods, manufacturer of Asian hot sauce institution Sriracha, aka, “cock sauce,” was sued by its hometown of Irwindale, Calif., a move that threatened to limit America’s strategic hot sauce reserves and potentially send prices skyrocketing. In a word: Srirachagate.

    Most of the fervor had faded as the story dropped from the scandal sheets. But it kicked back into overdrive this month with a new development: new state health regulations mandating a 30-day waiting period before uncooked, processed foods can be shipped, to provide time for testing, kicked into effect. Since Huy Fong typically ships its product as it’s manufactured, they had no stock on hand, meaning the nation’s supply of Sriracha is frozen until mid-January. That translates to a potential disruption in the supply chain for distributors that could cost buckets and open them up to breach of contract lawsuits with the businesses they supply if they can’t deliver.

    What seems like a funny story about hot sauce could translate to huge costs for involved parties, and hinges on a serious question about public health.

    Whether or not any of that will actually come to pass or if it is just this season’s Y2K remains to be seen.

    But some foodies are taking it seriously.

    “We’ve stocked up since a couple of weeks ago, when we got word of a possible impending shortage,” Jennifer Saesue, the general manager of New York eatery OBAO Hell’s Kitchen told “Luckily, at this point, we do not need to alter any of our dishes.”


    Black Blade: While not a big "prepper item" I do have several bottles of Sriracha sauce in my preps - I just use a lot of it as I cook a lot of SE Asian food and make several curry dishes. Even if there is a shortage I am "prepped" as it were. Not an intentional prepper item but glad I did sock away a few extra bottles just in case.
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    Interesting. I don't use a lot of it, but have enough of it to last through a potential shortage. Now if I couldn't get my silver swan soy sauce (from the Philippines) I might be going out to get a few more.
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    I was at an Asian store yesterday. and they had plenty. The store owner tells me the price is fluctuating, but she still has been able to get it, but has to check around a bit. I love the stuff and of course had to stock up a bit.
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