Where To Hide If A Nuclear Bomb Is Dropped On Your City
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Thread: Where To Hide If A Nuclear Bomb Is Dropped On Your City

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    Default Where To Hide If A Nuclear Bomb Is Dropped On Your City

    Where To Hide If A Nuclear Bomb Is Dropped On Your City

    businessinsider.com / By JENNIFER WELSH AND ANDY KIERSZ / JAN. 14, 2014, 7:22 PM

    If you find yourself in the vicinity of a recently detonated nuclear bomb, you might be wondering, “What should I do?”

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researcher Michael Dillon did some math to figure this out and his findings were published Jan. 14 in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

    First, the scenario: You are in a large city that has just been subjected to a single, low-yield nuclear detonation, between 0.1 and 10 kilotons (that’s a little smaller than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima).

    Studies have shown that you and up to 100,000 of your fellow citizens can be saved if you keep your radiation exposure low enough. That requires you to find a good place to hide and wait until the rescuers can make their way to you.

    The U.S. government guidance suggests hiding in a nearby building, but not all of them provide much shelter from nuclear fallout.

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    If a nuke was going to be where I live, I would want to catch the bomb. 1 nano second then obliteration. Problem solved. Like my Brother told me, there are no winners or losers in war, just survivors.

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    In the army we were taught to throw our weapon down lay on it till the blast went over get up and continue to advance. I remember thinking towards what in the few minutes left?

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    Trying to outrun the fallout cloud will be quite pointless in a mass exodus. If the primary explosion did not make it to you in your present shelter, stay in place under cover from the fallout material! Just one breath of that material is radiation sickness guaranteed. Let the dog(s) PEE in the house and stay inside for a good week till that material looses most of its radioactive charge.
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    obama has a plan it is called KYAGB--- top secret and it only cost billions---

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