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    Default Crime Statistics Map Tools

    Crime Statistics Map Tools

    March 28, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin

    Among the many risks we face, crime is one of the more apparent dangers that we hear or read about in the news. While many people tend to live in their own bubbles and believe that it (crime) will never happen to them or in their neighborhood, the fact is that it could happen anywhere, anytime.

    The following are a few crime map tools which may shine some light on your own neighborhood:

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    Crap, my state and city both are higher than the national average.
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    Overlay a violent crime map and a population density map, and it's clear that the incidence of violent crime is radically higher in cities. Whether that's because cities suck or whackjobs gravitate to them is still uncertain.
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    More targets of opportunity in all them "gun free zones" TRX,,,you know there not going to get a job,,,heaven forbid!!!!

    I'm sitting pretty up here in the land of the Eskimos
    , shit most major cities have more crime in a day than we do in a year!! Wana bet it's cause Vermont AIN'T A GUN FREE ZONE ???

    I'm good with that!

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