EPA proposing biggest land grab in the history of the world, wants control over everything

naturalnews.com / by: J. D. Heyes / April 29, 2014

(NaturalNews) Food freedom begins with land freedom, because if you have no control over your own property, you have no real control over what you can use it for, including growing your own organic foods.

And if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gets its way, what property rights you still have may vanish forever.

In a move that some lawmakers have called “the biggest land grab in the history of the world,” the EPA is moving to commandeer jurisdiction over all public and private streams in the U.S. that are “intermittent, seasonal and rain-dependent,” according to Alana Cook at WorldNetDaily.

In fact, she writes, the EPA — along with the Army Corps of Engineers — in late March released a joint proposed rule titled “Waters of the United States” in a bid to clarify just which streams and wetlands are protected under the federal Clean Water Act. A statement issued by the EPA said that “the proposed rule will benefit businesses by increasing efficiency in determining coverage of the Clean Water Act” — whatever that means.

Some lawmakers are shaking their heads.