Oh hell yeah cotton mouths like boats. Especially if they smell like fish and are warm and sunny. Myself and Moses are the only two people in the world to walk on water because of damn cotton mouths moccasins.
The Difference Between a Cottonmouth & a Water Moccasin | eHow
Want a good fight down here? Ask if the Cotton Mouth and Water Moccasin are different snakes? Good for a laugh anyway. Hell yeah their the same. Poison is part of the problem. My neighbor catches loads of fish, I keep telling them to heave the remains in the woods for the coons. They keep tossing the guts off the dock.
Every other weekend they ask me to come over and shoot a moccasin in their yard. Stop feeding the damn things. They eat dead stuff, mainly fish. So when they strike, you get some poison and a load of bacteria from their mouth, bad combo platter for the Docs to fix.
Coral snakes are here but they have to chew to inject venom, some bad dudes. Worst rattler I think is in Arizona or the desert out west somewhere? Small rattler I caught a show on. Bad to the bone.