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    Usual fare - Bega canned cheese, Red Feather canned butter, Mountain House, Wise, etc. freeze-dried, canned meats, etc. Other stuff. I been a member for years and added cases of this and that (mostly Mountain House and canned butter and cheese).

    On Sale - Safecastle

    Sometimes have better prices and occasional good deals.

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    Example: Two-Year mixed product food storage: Get-It-Done 25-month Food Package
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    Ouch,, I think some of there prices are way high, at least compared to other sources I buy stuff like that from. Some of the same stuff they carry I can get in even smaller quantities around here for a third less than there asking for bulk orders.

    I never saw the advantage of getting some of those "package deals" myself sense many of the same things you can get much cheaper at local store's and put them up you're self for much less $$$$, like grains , cereals, dried fruit &veggies ,,ect. But here in Vt we have allot of food co-op's that offer up good food sources at relatively decent prices. So I guess that's what you get for living in a state that's full of "sprout eaters" like I do,,,,access to stuff you can put up for long term storage and do it reasonably,,well relatively so anyhow,,,, is not to hard if you look around.

    I don't see all that good a deals from them myself, at least for what I can find stuff around here for. It seems that many of the prepper type stores in the mid West and out West are rather expensive compared to around here.

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