8 Uncommon Lessons: Preparing For An Apocalypse

alt-market.com / Gaye Levy, Backdoor Survival / 28 May 2014 17:25

Four years ago, mentioning that you were a “Prepper” evoked quizzical looks of confusion. What the heck was that? As you tried to explain, you could see eyes start to glaze over and an invisible tin foil hat being placed upon you head. The lesson learned? Keep your mouth shut lest you be forever classified as a nut job of the highest order.

Of course back in the day – if you can call 2010 the day – there was concern that 2012 would represent the end of days. This was based upon the notion that on 12-21-2012, the Mayan calendar ended presumably because the planet Earth would be ravaged by a smorgasbord of cataclysmic astronomical events. Thus started an entire industry best labeled “Doomsday”.

Whether the Mayans were right, wrong, or simply misunderstood makes no matter. For a myriad of reasons, their doomsday predictions set off an unprecedented movement to “get prepared”. The get prepared message has since been promoted by governments, the Red Cross, and civilian organizations that are telling us that we need a kit. Taking this to the next step, we are bombarded with what belongs in “The Kit” as it is known.