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The government is broke. They have the power of the press however. The "printing press" that is. And since the US Dollar is the world's reserve currency the US Government can keep going deeper into debt without consequences. If people ever figured out what is going on and they lost confidence in the dollar then it would be game over. However, the illusion of the fiat dollar is all that supports the global economy. We ca eventually hyperinflate and pay off all the loans made by other nations (and the Fed) with cheap "inflated" dollars at some point and start the ponzi scheme all over again by making "new" dollars and continue the "illusion" anew much like the Mexican Peso when it collapsed - they simply knocked off a couple zeros and created a "Super Peso" which is today's Peso.
Which essentially created the worst stink hole of poverty second only to Haiti. BB were possibly about to hit the chopping block as the world monetary reserve. The big boys out there have had it with our debt.
Chinese are buying gold to back their yang monies and hitting the oil for reserves. If we loose the American dollar as the world reserve, were frigged. Hell the only thing the U.S. has to contribute is debt. Bill #2487 coming up fast, Nappie is going after $$$ to pay for his new Wet friend voters heading in, were f#$Ked.
But debt on an individual level, hell if our monetary system collapse? Well hell they can't repo every home in America, people have guns.