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Thread: MG42 kit builds

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    Quote Originally Posted by hcpookie
    Foo, I don't have the confidence that my welding skills or equipment is up to the task, so we'll have to get something worked out on that. I have a friend in Charlotte NC who could do it but that's about a 5-hour drive.
    Does he live near IO? Ammo run!

    I plan to take an intial stab a welding myself. Guess I need to finally buy a bottle of gas for the mig and save that flux core crap for the farm equipment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winn R
    Oh No-- When this one seemed to die a second page death I breathed easier. Dodged the belt feed bullet.

    And I've a buddy who is a superb welder....And Jerry, having your level of expertise to help with the stops.

    Well that belt feed bullet has a belt-fed appetite! I think between my shop full 'o' stuff and Foobar's welder we'll have ourselves a little MG42 build party

    Oh and I'm definitely going to get a PKM kit via the next group buy.

    Which reminds me... since I saw those RPK belt feed prototype pics, I've got all hot and bothered about making a belt feed mechanism. I got the M27 SAW links in today. Guess what, the 5.45x39 rounds FIT! The links will need to be opened up slightly, as the taper of the 5.45 round makes for a tight fit. A small hurdle. Since the M60 is based on the MG42 design, and the SAW is a "pusher" design as well, it seems a logical step to mimic the MG42 design for the AK74BF. I'd like to look at the RH-LH swappable feed mechanism of the MG34, but beggars can't be choosers. My gut tells me that I can have an AK74BF before the Shrike starts to ship. Oh and here's another brainy idea - employ a Saiga .223 to act as the 'host' for a 5.56 version.

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    I have been considering one of these builds for a couple of months now. If it weren't for the fact that I have a Tantal kit coming I would have already gotten one. I need to get a tig welder and am looking for a used miller. If I can't find one to fit my budget I will probally get one from HF. after 4 ak builds I am kind of ak'ed out and want a project to revive my welding skills.

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