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Thread: Want to build a semi auto mg 42?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hcpookie
    I read his walkthrough on the MG42 site. I like that jig! Simple and effective.

    It looks like the FAL FCG is the way to go. I'm going to build that jig before I get ahead of myself.

    Have any other OOB misfires? It wasn't clear to me as to the root cause.
    The problem was a bad recoil spring and trying to get done to fast!! I have run at least 2k rounds of both 8mm and .308, boxer and berdan through the gun with no problems. The FAL fcg has resolved the misfire and blown primer problems. the striker setup works fine, it is simple and effective and easy to make or replace.
    The jig is a 15 minute job, a piece of unistrut or channel and 4 3/8" bolts with nuts and washers. get a couple piecies of 1 1/2" flat stock to do the rear most section.
    I am making up kits of semi conversion parts for the bolt and gripstick if you are interested.

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    I used your unistrut method with all thread all the way through. It allowed me to set the overall length with the barrel, trunnion, and buffer base in place to help with spacing.

    It wasn't easy, among other things the buffer base was welded in. Just cut it out and started again.
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