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Very nice jj.

Building a transit case for my 1919 is high on my to do list as soon as it warms up a little (it's 8 here today)

There are some plans on the liberator site (artwork also) that I have been looking at for ideas.
Since it is too cold here to work metal in the garage I've been building a transit case using Liberator site's plans in the laundry room where it is warm when the wife is otherwise occupied. Got the box done, now working on the internal pieces. Painted the box with latex and a brush, have to wait til it warms up some to spray paint the hardware outside. Probably use flat black MolyResin. Cut a stencil of the ordnance flaming bomb from artwork on the Liberator site and centered it on the box lid. Did it in flat black. Will do a picture or two when it is finished in the spring.