HESSE 1919 easy to fix!!!!
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Thread: HESSE 1919 easy to fix!!!!

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    Default HESSE 1919 easy to fix!!!!

    A few years back I got a 1919, turns out to be a HESSE.. oh well who knew...
    I soon read a lot of BAD things about the hesse but none actualy had details of the failure, and DEFINATLY nobody tried to fix the failed design. "other than and expensive compleat conversion" . well I was stuck with the hesse and I was not intrested in spending money I needlesly, so I decided to take a look at what was not working and what failed when shooting. shure enough I found a truely fatal design flaw. after a bit of looking, thinking and testing I now have my hesse running like a champ!! the repair was only a bout $2.
    I KNOW for shure I have seen hesse 1919's CHEAP because of their bad reputation. thies may actualy be a good deal if you are willing to invest about $2 and some time, it is far better than the BIG dollar conversion used by most.
    So if you have a hesse or are tempted by an inexpensive hesse and would like to know how YOU can very easi;ly get yours to run like a champ let me know and I can get into more details or PM you details.

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    Did'nt know Hesse built them.

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