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Izzy 308 ????, 8MM usa made ??? I think ..
not too long ago I got nice ones for $19 each. I would realy want to see the $20 rusty ones. how is the rifeling, that is what would matter to me crome lined, rite, maby rifeling is real nice on some of them, refinish the rest.
you would need to be thier in person and do your own hand pick..

I personaly got rid of my 8mm conversion because it never worked rite, and clearly was going to continue to damaging parts, others had good results. go figure.
A number of people have reported getting getting Isreali made 8x57 barrels mixed in the "got wet/got rusty" bunch. There is Izzy headstamped 8mm ammo. I believe it, for what thats worth.

Sorry you had bad luck with 8mm. I use a converted MG34 16" in my 1919 and have ran a ton of Turk, Rom and Yugo. I save .308 for my FAL