WTK Value of Hungarian PKM Kit w 2 Barrels and Accessories
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Thread: WTK Value of Hungarian PKM Kit w 2 Barrels and Accessories

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    Default WTK Value of Hungarian PKM Kit w 2 Barrels and Accessories

    Hey guys

    Want to know - whats the current market value of a mint Hungarian PKM kit, with accessories? ALL numbers matching, 2 barrels (chrome lined of course), bipod, tripod, carrying / storage bags, slings, all the receiver parts

    MINT condition, look unfired (end of receiver top cover shows some light finish wear, I bet its from sitting in a rack and having an armorer occasionally lift the top cover to look inside, check condition)

    I have two nearly identical kits I'd like to sell. Bought them a few years at the very end of their availability, when the price was sky high 2,800. Not sure what the value is today..... I know the home build approach has turned into a tougher endeavour than originally thought, but... I know the completed guns have been selling, slow but selling, and, there aren't ANY kits available on the general market, so...

    A class 07 manufacturer offered me $2800 + shipping for BOTH kits, but that seems low (no hard feelings, nice guy just trying to make money). I figure I could part out the whole thing and make more - 4 barrels at $600 would be $2400 right there, and then I'd have complete sets with everything but a barrel. Tripods should be worth $300 each... and bang, I would already have more than he offered me.

    I also have a Prexis 80% complete receiver that I'll offer to whomever buys the kit

    I'm in no big rush to sell, just trying to get rid of some things that I know I'm not going to use.

    TO ALL THE USERS OF THIS FORUM (AND TO THE MODS) - Sorry for the long post, and sorry that I'm asking a question like this when I have such a low post count. I lurk here a lot, but dont post b/c I dont feel like I have much of value to add. So I apologize if this is inappropriate, or posted in the wrong forum. I will move or delete if necessary.

    I'm gonna put one on Gunbroker, see how it goes.

    EDIT - Kits are now on Gunbroker. No need for a link, they wont be hard to find if you search for PKM Parts Kit
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