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Thread: ORF FAL type 3 receivers

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    Sure wouldn't hurt - that's for sure. I think it would help if you ever found yourself having to defend a charge of intent to manufacture.

    Good discussion

    Did I do that?

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    Typical ATF double speak, clear as mud.
    3 paragraphs, and it tells us nothing

    How the Hell are we supposed to decipher the laws, when even they can't give you a clear answer as to what it means.

    Quote Originally Posted by panaceabeachbum
    here is what ATF says on the matter, notice it says it could meet the definition of a machine gun or "might" not

    WASHINGTON, DC 20226

    MAR 20 2000


    Dear Mr. Bardwell:

    This refers to your letter of February 17, 2000, in which you asked
    if ATF would consider an FAL rifle assembled with a U.S. made
    receiver and an FAL machinegun ejector block to be a machinegun.

    The term "machinegun" is defined in section 5845(b) of the National
    Firearms Act. An FAL style rifle with a machinegun style ejector
    block could meet the definition of a machinegun, or it might not
    meet the definition of machinegun. If the rifle was capable of
    firing automatically, it would be a machinegun regardless of the
    style of ejector block used.

    We trust that the foregoing has been responsive to your inquiry.
    If you have further questions concerning this matter, please
    contact us.

    Sincerely yours,

    Edward M. Owen, Jr.
    Chief, Firearms Technology Branch

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    Quote Originally Posted by panaceabeachbum
    good point on century not reusing them, hadnt thought of the fitting issue.

    Looking the letter from ATF over it does appear that they didnt say it would be in violation, If I read the letter correctly it seems it would indeed be OK to use the fa ejector block as long as the rifle was only cabaple of firing one shot per pull of the trigger. I think for safeties sake if i were reusing an FA ejector block i would weld up the window the trip lever passes thru.
    Yes, that's my read on it too - ATF says that if it is only single-shot, then it is OK... not very confusing, really.
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    I think that it would be a definite plus to weld up the window on the ejector block if you are going to use it in a receiver. I have ordered an ORF receiver. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I did read over at FALfiles that Todd is attempting to get blocks from DSA. How true that is I don't know. But I believe that from all the flack he was getting from the members, he may have decided to have ejector blocks installed in his new receivers. Now that is a very good idea. To me it makes no sense to sell a receiver without the ejector block installed. From what I understand it is not an easy installation without the proper tools and idea of what in the hell you are trying to accomplish.
    Well, time will tell. If ORF falls through, there aren't many options out there for a receiver other buying one from DSA or hoping to find one for sale somewhere.

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    sucks don't it esp with kits so low in price.

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