I'm fairly new to this game of kit building, ie, I have yet to actually build one yet, mainly because of living situation (college dorm/anti me owning gun mom) and college.

I have an Imbel FAL kit back home, and I was recently over at DSA and saw they have L1A1 recievers to buy, at about the same price as a regular Type I or II receiver. My question is, can a metric FAL be built up on a Inch pattern receiver?

I mainly want to do this to expand magazine use (don't ask why, just know I like the idea of using L4 Bren mags).

I don't know if there are any major (or minor) dimensional differences that would be encounter (other than the indexing washer).

My other question would be, is it worth the trouble, or not, easier to mod a receiver to take the Inch mags, or just by equivalents in metric configuration?

Any input is greatly appreciated.