new build AR/m4 14.5-16inch or mid length??
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Thread: new build AR/m4 14.5-16inch or mid length??

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    Post1911 new build AR/m4 14.5-16inch or mid length??

    i am considering building a new AR carbine most likely in the m4/forgery type.

    but there are so many ways of building a AR carbine--

    you have the standard m4 with the 14.5 barrel ( yea i know if needs a permanent flash hider to add up to 16+inches for the law. or SBR paperwork)

    the civilian m4 with the 16 inch barrel,

    the 16 inch carbine with heavy barrel and regular carbine stocks.

    and lastly the 16inch barrel with the mid-length gas tube and longer thiner plastic.

    the question--which is the most reliable? and which is the most popular among AR folks?? or should i say--screw this and build one with a 20"???

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    I'm curious about this too. I was talked into buying a stripped lower receiver and am not sure which way to go with it, have pretty much the same question.
    I do like the looks of the mid-length rifle.

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    I love my mid length carbine. I got a "barrel kit" from armalite for about $200 5 years ago and it came with everything front of the barrel nut. I like the mid length because it looks better as it doesn't look like the barrel sticking out of the handguard is overly long. What sold me on it was I was shooting my car length carbine along with my buddy who was shooting an armalite mid length. For me it was alot easier to shoot better with the mid lengths longer sight radius. Others say its more reliable because the gas port is farther away from the chamber, but I've shot both and haven't had any problems.

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