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Thread: anyone order from del ton lately?

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    I ordered my Del-Ton kit back in the begining of March. I'm not in a rush to get it, when it arrives it arrives.

    I have plenty to play with until then.

    I already have one Del-Ton and it worked so well that I had to order another. I figure it will be coming around November or December.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ken98k View Post
    I ordered some ar-15 lower parts from Rock River Arms: on 8/4 and got them 8/14.
    Same with these guys ACE LTD. USA
    wish they'd get moving on the uppers....

    I really want to get my pistol built, the lower and the buffer look all lonely waiting for their upper.

    When I called them a month or so back they said they were waiting on barrels...

    We are unpacking from our last move anyway, I couldn't even find a flat space large enough to build on for the next few weeks anyway so I can remain patient.
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    I ordered from Del-Ton in Feb a 7.62x39 AR barrel got it in Nov I think it was threaded 1/2" NF.
    They offered to have me wait for the correct threading but I took it any way I can get a thread adpt. Good quality. I canceled the rest of my order. I'm using the berrel with a TAC-2 Discreet carry kit. These are really a nice setup for quick barrel and caliber changes. Check it out at

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