cutting an AR15 barrel
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Thread: cutting an AR15 barrel

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    Default cutting an AR15 barrel

    I want to build an AR pistol in the 7.5 range with a full size pistol buffer and a rail that goes over the flash-hider......

    Only thing is, Im poor... I have an ar15 lower in the safe, and 90% of a Lower parts kit, I just need the rest of the gun. This got me thinking, What if a guy bought a 16" parts kit, cut the barrel down to 7.5" drilled the GP and new slots for the GasBlock, and rethreaded the barrel.

    I will already be scraping the hand guards, standard front sight, and flash hidder anyways. I think it could be done if I ordered a Pencil barrel and then I would not need to have it machined down to the .75" of the for the GB. I would just use a .6?? whatever size it is for the smaller dia. barrel.

    Has anyone done this?

    Any reason not to do this?

    Pistol kits are about $100-$150 more than a std kit.

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    buy the pistol kit, it is worth the extra money.

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    Just wondering if you ever built your pistol......I'm doing a 5.56 with some mods I hope will work reliably with a 4 inch buffer I'm playing with....but to make a 7.5 barrel......I wound up getting a 25 or 27 inch barrel I'll probably be making a couple of more pistol barrels to finance my own project......interested? I want to make sure I get mine running before I use the remaining barrel stock...but I can sympathise having acute BRD on a budget.............................and I'll probably be willing to take any left over parts you have in trade....

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