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    Mr. Mad you are the MAN!
    that is super sweet.

    Out of curiousity can you tell us why you where having or are concerned about of out of battery discharges?

    A bolt hold open device would be a great boon to these uppers...as long as the follower could be adapted to all x25 mags and uppers!

    Are you gonna be doing AK's also?

    Also, Mad I got you confused with AKmachinist he's the one I ordered part's from.

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    On the topic of out of battery discharge.....once you have one you'll never want another.........and they are a possibility with any blowback weapon unless designed with a trigger disconnect to prevent hammer fall or striker fall untill the bolt is 100% closed......that isn't a feature of the blowback AR's as it was originally intended to be a locked breech weapon.

    Last round bolt hold open will have to wait on a dedicated mag.....and it is being worked on....

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    hey wait a minute....

    that $50 discount was supposed to be a deposit into the sdk1968 ammo fund! LMAO

    great stuff Rudy.
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