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maybe the big "O" will send a check soon and we can get some of these fine parts!

For real. It was like entering AR heaven..
Poor Nathan was really trying too explain, how they took these "expensive" blocks and turned them into AR lowers.
Incredibel tolerances they have too work with.
Excess material is then re-cycled and made into blocks too make more AR lowers.
Only way too make it cost effective, I guess?
Even learned what the numbers on the pitcanny rails are for.
"T" "S" "L" one through whatever.
When you take your scope, or whatever attachment off the rail.
You have a marked number slot, too remember where too place it back on.
So I am stupid, hell I did not know that.
Yes yes I bought a complete lower with adjustable stock.
I see another SBR lower coming soon.