that are my fave barrels for DYI top end projects--

there not the cheapest barrels and there not gold-plated mall-ninja specials.

they are also in stock--none of that order and we ship in 6months or a year- type of BS.

they shoot good, work perfectly from all i have seen.

for m-16a1 & a2 retro projects
20" 5.56mm M16 A2 A/R Barrel, 1:7 twist

these seem very good , they are stripped. i think i like the 1-8" twist better --the 1-8" is all ways OOS. this barrel is not correct for an A1 so if the look is all-important to finish an A-1

Del-Ton 20" 5.56 Lightweight Barrel 1X9 Moly with Sight Tower

the del-ton 20" LW is a very nice barrel and looks correct for an A1 retro. the big problem is getting one chrome lined. went ahead and got the no-chrome version for my cheapo-a1 retro so far so good. the del-ton is .750 gas block the old time a1s were .625 nothing visible that will indicate this is a new barrel with 1-9" twist. so far a fine shooter.