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    Want to Trade WTT/WTB: FAL-Mauser Parts

    Looking for trades, but will buy outright depending on price. I have a fair selection of Inch pattern L1A1 FAL parts along with some other odds and ends. Lots of refinished bolt carriers both Inch and metric. Just ask, I might have it.

    What I'm looking for is available through vendors, but I'm trying to get rid of some excess spares as well.

    Here's what I'm looking for, finish not important:

    Metric FAL:

    Trigger plunger
    Hammer Spring Assembly (just the female side)
    Upper/Lower Locking Lever (horizontal or vertical ok)
    Rear sight screws
    Para Rear Sight
    Para Top Cover
    Para Bolt Carrier and spring
    Rear Sight Aperature (tall Izzy or Argentine type)

    Inch FAL:

    Front sight post with screw
    Carry Handle (Brit or Auzzie)

    Also looking for some 1895 Chilean Mauser parts (front sight, guard screws, handguard, follower, cleaning rods)

    Reising 22 Automatic Pistol. I need a sear spring bad! If you got one or know a definate source for one I WILL make it worth your while. Believe me, I've searched about everywhere.

    Since I'm already begging, anyone know a source for the metal tube inserts for the wood CETME stocks? The ones used to hold the two retaining pins.

    I could also use a replacement back with no herniated discs, but I realize those are in high demand.....

    PM/email me what you have. Thanks!

    EDIT: Updated again 10/18 to remove the parts I've since obtained.
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