I have a Turkish Mauser Model 1938 that I'd like to trade.

The bluing is close to 100%, a nice bore and barrel with no pitting or anything like that.

It has a beautiful walnut stock with some tiger striping. The receiver still has all the original marks clearly stamped on.

I've shot about 20 rounds threw it since I removed the cosmoline and it shot very well and was accurate. I think this would be a good choice if your looking for a milsurp that shoots well but also looks nice too.

I'd like to trade for another milsurp rifle. I'd really like to acquire an Ishapore Enfield in 7.62x51 Nato (2A or 2A1), a Spanish FR-8, or toward a semi-auto milsurp like a Hakim, SVT-40 or FN-49. I'm also interested in other Mausers (the K98, Israeli K98 and Swedish Mausers come to mind). Also any old American rifle like the Springfield 1903, Eddystone P17 or M1 Garands. If you have something you'd like to trade send me an email at

If you want some more photos or details just ask and I'll post them.