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    Well, I HATE to do this But I just can't afford to feed my baby (Krinkov) anymore and it hurts me to just see her sitting in the gun cabinet. I think it's time to put her up for sale. This is a SUPERB Yugo M92 Krinkov. This rifle is as perfect as can be and built Very Well. This rifle is in Like new condition and has about 2,000 rounds thru it. The stock is still tight and it has been very well maintained. It was built on an Armory Receiver and has the True and Correct U-R-J engravings for the Saftey Selector Markings. These engravings mean U= Ugaseno (turned off), R= Rafalno (rapidly), J= Jedinacno (only one time). This rifle has been blasted, Parked and GunKoted. A Lot of Time, Work and Love went into building this rifle. I will include the AK mags I have which I think is 4 or 5 - 30 rnds and 3 or 4 - 5 rnds. I will also include the last 100+ rounds of Wolf I have left. I had my info engraved on the receiver at the time I purchased it so I am having that filled in and the Paint touched up before it is available. This Krinkov will be available on Saturday evening for sale but will not be available until then. I am asking ***SOLD*** for this rifle. This is a Truly Awesome Rifle and I will miss her.

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