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    Default CETME For sale (a good one)

    I need to sell my CETME so i can afford my soon to be SVT 40

    Hammer forged Barrel in excellent condition with nice sharp rifling
    NO ban model, Flash hider can be removed
    Bayonet Lug
    Internal Cleaning kit

    Bolt gap .21mm and bolt was not ground (increases with new rollers and also increased more with new Locking Piece but these are not in the rifle now as they are still extra parts)
    I will include an extra brand new bolt carrier and extra brand new locking piece or discount the price if you dont need the extra spare parts.

    Original blank firing adapter made by Hk included (this was never used)
    Will include 10 or 12 magazines in near new condition
    1 EXTRA US made part is installed, this means you can use a wide forearm or something else without compliance part/legal problems.
    Magazines do NOT need US parts

    I do need to mention there is some normal wear on the inside of magwell, and a couple nicks in the paint on the flash hider. Also one spot under the tripple frame. Shot about 500-600 rounds. Rifle is sighted in and shoots very nice.

    I will include a file copy of the FFL Dealer i got this rifle from as well as my original dated receipt and all documentation.

    I would like 495 Shipped to your FFL or 595 with spare parts ( the extra new carrier and extra new locking piece- new never used) I will not ship this to places that local, or state laws prohibit.
    I will also sell the NEW locking piece and NEW carrier for 105 shipped. These are new!

    Your also welcome to PM or email me an offer.

    More pics soon to follow, FR-8 in pic has allready sold. Serial edited out. NOTE: Rear sight is on correctly, i bumped it before taking the pic. rotating it halfway forward to the next range increment.
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