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well, at least you had some useful info in your 10 posts. Thanks for the links. I have a Dboys AKS folding stock and it works fine on the yugoslav m70 [well, sort of an m70...] I put it on. I'll have to get one of those covers and RSBs for my rifle, I just think it'd be cool to have even on a rifle length one, hell, it'll even increase the sight radius some.

ETA: aww, it doesn't have an RSB, I'll have to find one on the site...

ETA2: guess you gotta buy that from kvar for a bajillion dollars, or get the whole airsoft AK to get it...
I was trying to build my post count LOL
I would buy a Bulgarian top cover and mount the sight to it the d-boys has different dimensions!
its longer. AA-ok has hinge blocks but there off to.