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    This information is forwarded to all AK Forum members on behalf of NoDAK
    Let us know if you are ready to send in payment for one or more RPK74
    (caliber 5.45x39) receivers. This is our receiver model NDS-8. Based on the
    response we get, we will decide whether to make a production run of RPK74
    receivers, and how many to make.

    Here is a list of features for the RPK74 receiver:
    * Made of 0.062” (1.5748mm) 4130 steel
    * Fully heat treated
    * Dedicated RPK74 lower rails spot welded in place, lower sections of
    the lower rails act as guides for the inserted magazine; no mag well
    * Mid support rivet installed
    * Sent out ‘in the white’
    * No predrilled rivet holes for the front trunion or rear block
    * No right side selector markings
    * No right side selector detents
    * Authentic emboss on the receiver bottom
    * One slot in the receiver bottom for a single hook trigger
    * Manufacturer, model, caliber and serial number markings on the
    receiver bottom, ahead of the mag well opening.

    There will be no option for a custom serial number marking. All RPK74
    receivers will be marked with sequential serial numbers. There will be no
    option for custom selector markings.

    The price per RPK74 receiver will be $150.00, which includes the cost of
    ground shipping to the dealer (USPS Priority Mail to AK and HI). Discounts
    may be available for a purchase of 20 or more receivers. Exact discount
    pricing will be determined later.

    We are not asking for payments to be sent to us now. We are asking that you
    email us with your intention to buy and your readiness to send in payment.
    The reason for this message is not to build a list of possible interested
    persons in the RPK74 receiver. We only want you to send us an email if you
    are a committed buyer and are ready to send in payment. Your email message
    should include how many RPK74 receivers you intend to buy.

    We will compile the committed buyer list until about the middle of May. At
    that point in time, we will decide if there are enough committed buyers to
    do a production run of the RPK74 receivers. If we decide to do the
    production run, we will send an invoice to all on the committed buyer list.
    Those who get the invoice will have two weeks from the date on the invoice
    to send in payment. Based on the number of payments we get for the RPK74
    receivers, we will make the appropriate quantity of receivers. We expect
    receivers will be ready to ship about August 1st.
    We will take a money order, cashiers check, or dealer’s business check for
    payment. There must be no expiration date on the type of money order or
    cashiers check sent for payment.
    If the number of payments we receive by about the end of May is not enough
    for a minimum production run, we will return all payments to those who sent
    them in. We are looking at a quantity of 100 receivers to be the minimum
    production run.

    Send your email of intention and readiness to buy to info@nodakspud.com or
    call us at 952-942-1909. In your email include your full name and the
    quantity you are ready to buy.

    NoDak Spud LLC

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    its good to get the word out . i doubt we will ever see these again. I'm in for 2ea. these could also be used for other projects in cal. 5.45x39 maybe something like a heavy barrel varmint slayer
    there is still rpk 74 kits out there and k var has some parts

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    just 22 more needed if you want one don't wait

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