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Thread: AK Collection for sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viragos View Post
    Ha,Ha,Ha, I remember that kit. IIRC, all the numbers matched except the bolt and carrier which looked like the same# but was off a couple digits. but I do recall the original barrel being in great shape. which was hard to find at that time.
    You sir have a good memory. The numbers were off a few digits, and if my memory serves me as good as yours, I still have that kit saved in my box o' kits that are waiting for me to build.
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    Viragos do you have any other SKSs for sale? I am looking for a short paratrooper model. Also I think it is a shame about your kid not wanting your firearms. My youngest has set clam to all I have and she is only 13.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Viragos View Post
    Thanks for the fine endoresment, Brad. It is totally unexpected and greatly appreciated. Health is much better than it was. Modern medicine is quite remarkable these days. I'll try to post more on gunco, I owe this site much for what it has given me over the years.
    You are one of the old timers that answered all my stupid questions.
    My prayers are with you for better health.
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