REPRODUCTION) Russian Laminated AK-74 Handguard Set

Russian reproduction AK-74 Handguard Sets. They have the typical Russian red coloring with lighting cuts. These are Imported. Made in Tiawan. These do NOT Count as a 922r. Part or Parts. These are in Stock and Ready to Ship....This is the Best Copy we have seen of these


AK 74 Style Brake W/ Front Sight
AK 74 Style Brake Welded to front sight, For ak 47 7.62x39 barrel USED


AK-74 Bulgarian 30rnd. Magazines
[DS Pallet]
Bulgarian AK-74 30rnd. Magazine, Factory Refinished (Painted Black), Sanatized (Markings have been Removed) .. Great Condition, Followers are Plum Color.


AK-74 Buttstock Tube Cleaning Kit
Buttstock Cleaning Kit Used Good Condition

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