Sterling L2A3 Parts Kit 9mm

Original Sterling L2A3 Parts Kit 9mm , complete minus barrel and receiver tube. These hard to find parts kits are excellent for semi-auto builds, supply is limited!


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IMI Defense SS109 223 Rem 62Gr FMJ 1200RD CASE
IMI Defense SS109 223 Rem 62Gr Full Metal Jacket 1200 Case. Picture shows one box. (FALLS UNDER OUR $7.95 FLAT RATE SHIPPING!!!)


Radway Green .308 160rd Can
[DS Pallet]
Royal Ord. Radway Green .308 Ammo, 160rds Packed In a .30cal Can linked in 4rd sections. Can be relinked.Headstamped 93 RG AMMO WAS ORIGINALLY PRODUCED AND LINKED FOR USE IN M-60 RIFLES AND HAD A TRACER ROUND EVERY FIFTH ROUND. The Tracer round has been removed and the ammunition comes linked 4rnds together.. BRASS CASED AMMO, WITH A 147 GRAIN, LEAD CORE F.M.J. BOAT TAIL BULLET. NON CORROSIVE AND BERDAN PRIMED FOR LONG SHELF LIFE AND SURE FIRE IGINTION This ammo is Non-Magnetic. (Falls Under Our $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping!)

$ 67.99
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