Yugo 7.62x39 1120rnd. Case on Stripper Clips

Manufactured in Yugoslavia in the Late 1970's Early 1980's • Full Metal Jacket • 123 Grain • Mildly corrosive Berdan primed • Brass Cases • Lead Core Bullet • 40 Rounds per box • On 10rd Stripper Clips • 1120 Rounds Per Crate •Non Magnetic Bullet •Our $7.95 shipping applies to this ammo.


Z24 Scope Tool kit
Tool kit includes Pouch, Screwdriver, and Brush. Color of screwdriver will vary. TOOL KIT ONLY Used good condition


COMBO DEAL INCLUDES....1 (ONE) Bulgarian AK74 Parts Kit (No Barrel) Discription-Bulgarian AK-74 Parts kit without barrel or receiver. Wood color will vary, Bolt and Bolt Carrier will have matching number but Barrel Trunnion will not match. Muzzle break is 24x1 thread pattern, MAG CATCH IS DISASSEMBLED, Used Good Condition...AND...1 (ONE) Bulgarian 5.45x39 Barrel Discription-Chrome Lined, Chamber Cut, Handguard Retainer cut, Gas Port hole Drilled, and Barrel Pin Slot Drilled. Barrel is NOT Threaded Barrels are New Bulgarian, 5.45x39. Barrels are not original to these kits...THIS IS A JULY 4 SPECIAL AND WONT LAST LONG


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