Just as it says.. I'm looking for one the throw in the truck on my car and would like to see if there is someone here that has a spare one there welling to sell. I would rather deal with a fellow Gun lover first before I go to a store or web site, simulate are own pockets instead of paying taxis..LOL

I would like it to have a few pouches to hold the loaded mags.. One like this one would be cool..

I'm looking to use PP if you do not mind..

For Trade
But If you Would Like to trade for one. Then I can part with these here..

The grip is marked "C" but that is Made by Century so it is a US part..
The 74 brake is a 14x1.0 LH Thread marked USA used a few Times with 7.62 AK..
Mosin Nagant Pouche.. Cleaned out and in Unissued shape..
5 Yugoslavian SKS Strip Clips
Not a bad trade I feel..

But if you know somewhere that is selling them at a good price too that would be kool if no one has a spare to sell.

Thank you for your help in advance..

BTW I go by Zazale on akfiles .com and have done business with many people off of there so you can trust me not to screw fellow gun lovers.