Hey all, I have my AK47c made by Inter Ordnance that I am looking to sell, I really do not want to sell it but I need some cash to fund some other projects. It's ran solid with no problems at all.

AK47 modifications/accessories

1) Ace Internal Receiver Block (for mounting stock and folding mech.)

2) Ace Folding Mechanism (for buttstock)

3) DPH Arms Skeleton stock

4) Ace clamp-on front sight

5) AK47/M16 front sight windage stud

6) AR-15 DPMS Arms A1 front sight kit

7) Bushmaster CAR-15 extended flash suppressor

8) Galil style Handguards

9) Tapco G2 FCG

10) Basic AK pistol grip

11) RAM extended mag release

Roughly around 100 rounds have been fired through it...IIRC I put a box or two of 20 rounds through it when I first got it. Then after all modifications were complete I put another 2-3 boxes of 20 rounds through it just to make sure everything was in order...it was.

The barrel is chrome lined and runs like a champ.

I do NOT expect to get everything I put in back, I just want a fair price for a nicely modified AK.

I would like to get $700-$750 or Best Offer.

Would consider trading for a 9mm Vector Arms Carbine length Uzi.


This is also for sale on another forum and I will be putting it on GunBroker and Guns of America.

First "I'll take it" and/or PM will get it.

Shipping and transfer fees are on the buyer, it is also up to the buyer to know if this is Legal in your state or area, please make sure it is before buying, thank you.

Thanks for Looking, Saigaist.

I have 3 diffrent sets of furniture, the Tapco Galil style ploymer ones, the ATI fiberforce ones (they are the ones on the Tantal in the last picture, with the 3 ventilated holes on the side) and the wood handguards with vertical grip.

This picture has wooden handguards w/vertical grip, the one on the left is the AK for sale. I can also put those ventilated handguards that are on the Tantal on the 47 if preferred.