AMD65 Kit and Nodak AMD65 receiver: The kit includes the ORIGINAL barrel is as you can see in the photos is an all numbers matching kit. The receiver is the Nodak receiver specifically made for the AMD65 and has had the trigger notch welded to shorten it, making it closer to factory specs. The kit includes a US short AMD piston, Hungarian sling, a extended break which was the best looking on the market before the company went out of business (original break included)! The trigger guard and front trunion are installed and included are the two long rivets and the piston rivet. Also included a Hungarian mag pouch and 4 excellent condition (may be new as I’ve never used them) 20 round Hungarian mags. The only thing you would need is a single hook US made FCG.
The rear trunion is there, it is just setting inside the receiver. No hassle getting the various parts, this is the full package. Pair it with your choice of FCGs and go.

I follow ALL applicable laws, so unless you live in Missouri, this has to go to an FFL and that FFL has to accept from a non-01FFL holder. No mags to states and localities which prohibit 20 rnd mags. No I will not break up the kit.
This will make a sweet looking rifle. -- $570 shipped

post "I'll take it" and send me a PM
Also for sale elsewhere.