WTS: Several primo AK kits and an Imbel FAL kit
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Thread: WTS: Several primo AK kits and an Imbel FAL kit

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    Default WTS: Several primo AK kits and an Imbel FAL kit

    Up for sale is a few kits from my stash.

    All kits have the original barrels. All (except the Imbel kit) were purchased several (4-5) years ago and have been sitting in dark boxes ever since.

    "I'll take it" rules the day. "I'll take it if...." means nothing it's still in play. I'll leave these here and on the falfiles and Uzitalk for about a week- then if there's any left off to GB they go. Since these are listed on multiple boards, EMAIL time stamp rules the day.

    More High res pics here: Eyegun's kits for sale

    Payment by USPS MO ONLY. You have 7 calendar days to get the payment to me otherwise it's still for sale and your payment (if it ever arrives) will be returned after the 7 days expire. No lowballers, no trades with the ONLY exception being a Knights SR15 complete rifle.

    ***SPF**** Bulgarian Plum AK74 kit. Comes with a US made and marked Plum PG (Kvar?). As you can see, it appears unfired. Numbers matching. Trigger guard, original FCG (full auto, will be removed if not legal in your area) included. Not pictured but included will be a plum mag with the markings scrubbed. $500 + $25 shipping.

    Next up is a wood Hungarian AMD 65 kit. Again, demilled from a new rifle. Numbers matching. A US Made Tapco AMD65 brake is included because without it permanently attached you would have made an SBR. Pics tell the story. All the parts appear to be present and accounted for. $450 + $15 shipped.

    ***SPF on another board***Romanian 'G' kit. 1986. Doubt if it was ever fired. The brown shit is grease, not rust. $350 + $25 shipped.

    ***SOLD****Yugo M92 "Krinkov" kit. They cut up a NEW MG!! Born in 2003, the Tritium sites are still going fine. Just as I got it from ORF back in 2005. All numbers match. Original barrel. The pics don't lie. $950 + $25 shipping.

    Last up is a standard IMBEL FAL kit. Same story as all the others. Barrel is great, the exterior finish is meh. The bolt and carrier match but the lower doesn't. No locking shoulder. I *think* all the other parts are there but I could be wrong. Check the pics- if it's there, it's included otherwise don't plan on it showing up. $375 + $25 shipping.

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    would you be interested in trading that M-92 for a tula krink kit with virgin E.german barrel.

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    SWEET! If I didn't already have my share of these kits, now rifles, from back in the day; I'd be on one or two like a crow on a June bug. Very nice offerings, from in back in the day plus condition!

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    Buy Low, Sell High!

    Not finding fault. I think your prices are right on for the market and what these are.

    Good luck, I hope these kits all find good homes.

    That Krink just hurts! What a bunch of knotheads!

    Too bad that the IMBEL has the non-bipod barrel.
    Imagine whirled peas

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