I have a nice M77MKII compact in 223 I would like to trade. It is a nice little gun it has been used not abused for two hunting seasons and shot less than 200 rounds. It is a very accurate little gun and a dream to carry.

FTF in Oklahoma only at this time.

I would rather not sell at this time , I am only interested in trading, I value the gun at $450. I am willing to add cash to the right deal , I am unwilling to give my gun away and do not want you to give your gun away either.

  • I want a good quality AK rifle I will consider a 7.62 or 5.56, maybe a 5.45 AK. I would prefer a Arsenal, AUSA , or other nice build. I will consider a CAI assuming it is trouble free and chrome lined and the gasblock or sight block is not canted. If the rifle is a CAI I prefer the CAI SAR, MAADI, Bulgarian or FEG rifles.
  • AR lower stripped or complete the only ones I am interested in are Bushmaster, RRA, Colt(small pin) or Armalite.
  • Wiselite Sterling same conditions apply to it as to the AK. Sights must be straight and there must be no issues with the rifle.
  • VZ 58 Czechpoint rifle.
  • I am looking for the following handguns M1911 in 9mm, 45 acp or 10mm. A Smith and Wesson revolver in 44 special, 357 magnum or 45 caliber (N or K Frame). A Colt Trooper in 357 magnum possibly. I will also consider a Smith and Wesson 1006 is someone has one.
  • Century Golani with no issues.
  • A C93 with no issues.
  • A C91 with no issues.
  • A decent quality Israeli K98k in 7.62mm.
  • M1 Garand in 7.62 or 30.06.
  • FN49 in 7 x57.

Please feel free to make reasonable offers there are other things I am interested in.

I will say one more time I am willing to add cash to the right deal as I am unwilling to give my gun away and do not expect you to give yours away.

Thanks again and God Bless to all.