Ok, I have a 37mm flare launcher that I will not use, I just have too many of them. I believe it is a Cobray or an Ex-Cetera. It is new, never been mounted and still has the price tag on it. Its a 12 inch barrell I believe, but did not measue. The barrel is steel. This also comes with (2) 203 handgaurds for mounting on your AR. Also included is (2) quadrant sights, (2) cleaning brushes. one is brass the other is a plastic bristle. Thats close to $200 in extras. If you want I will throw in some cases that I have so you can start doing reloads if you choose. I am looking for $350+Shipping or trade for a MG42/53 kit. I have no interest in SMG kits. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. I am having a hard time uploading pics, so if you are interested I can email photos. Thanks ken