BLOW OUT MG42 Can with 200rd Belt


Excellent condition Austrian can as pictured with machine gun belts. 4ea. 50rd belts linked together as one 200rd belt. Fits MG42/MG3/MG74/MG34. Works with .308 or 8mm.


AK-47 MAC 90 Do Everything Manual

This manual covers: Specifications Cartridge Identification Loading Tool Kit Use Bayonet Disassembly & Maintenance Safety Check and Storage This manual is published by JEM Enterprises. The original publisher of the manual was M&M Engineering. The book was written by Michael A. Pugliese of M&M Engineering, a famous author who has been writing manuals on proper gun care and maintenance for over 20 years. This manual was written so that anyone can understand the instructions, not just an engineer or gunsmith. 5-1/2" X 8-1/2" 25 pages Black and white


Mosin Nagant Do Everything Manual for models 1891-M44

The book covers models 1891 to 1944 and includes Nomenclature, Ammunition, Disassembly, Subassemblies, and Safety & Storage. 5-1/2" X 8-1/2", 38 pages. Black and white. Written by M&M Engineering.


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