Polish Military Rucksack

Made of a light weight canvas, this is a Polish rucksack that will pack small when you are not using it. The camo will stand out and gets its obvious name from its Puma like spots. The bag is really great for festivals, beach, camping, hiking, hunting or travel. There are nylon fastening in metal buckles with wide nylon shoulder straps that clip off. A draw cord top can make it smaller with a cord half way down the pack. . Reinforced bottom for stability. Used good Condition


BLOW OUT Wiselite Sterling 7.62x25 Carbine

Sterling Sporter carbine submachine gun style semi auto rifle chambered for 7.62x25. This is a semi auto replica built by Wiselite Arms, through CAI. Features a black crackle finish, ventilated barrel shroud, and a folding stock. Comes with one 32rd magazine

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FN SS198LF 5.7x28mm Lead Free HP 27gr 50rd Box

FN Herstal (made in Belgium) 5.7x28 mm SS198LF High Performance Ammunition (FN product number 10700020). This ammunition is headstamped "FNB 5.7x28 07". The bullet tip is colored green. SS198LF Law Enforcement and Military High Speed Ammunition. This SS198LF ammunition has a 27 grain bullet similar to the SS195LF bullet. Both bullets have a hollow point jacket containing a lead free metal core. The green tip SS198LF is loaded to a higher velocity than the SS195LF


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