WTB or WTT: 1860 Uberti cap and ball 44 cal pistol
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Thread: WTB or WTT: 1860 Uberti cap and ball 44 cal pistol

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    Default WTB or WTT: 1860 Uberti cap and ball 44 cal pistol


    I am looking for a well cared for Uberti 1860 unmolested cap & ball pistol with a STEEL FRAME no brass frames! in 44 cal
    bad cylinders are ok if the rest of the firearm is in excellent condition.
    Must be UBERTI & Steel framed

    I would also consider a UBERTI 1858 Remington 44 cal with STEEL FRAME in well cared for condition

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    Well Crap!

    I gave mine to my eldest daughter, and she ain't given it up! I tried to tell her she could maybe buy a Glock or something, and she would not have any of it! I wont repeat her words, but they were caustic.

    Sorry Sprat, I tried.....

    BTW: 1858 Remington, Steel everything, with the nicely drawn colored receiver. Total round count is 60. Owned it since 1989. Now she wants me to get her all of the do-dads to go with it, AND she wants to shoot it!
    Imagine whirled peas

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